Michał Balas

Michał Balas passionately presents two cello concertos by Joseph Haydn.

The young Polish cellist Michał Balas devotes himself to the cello concertos by Joseph Haydn with admirable devotion. Both concertos, the C major and the D major, enjoy a special and magical reputation among cellists. „I believe that all cellists were brought up in the spirit that these pieces can only be approached with great respect – like Bach’s cello suites or Beethoven’s sonatas,“ says the young cellist from Krakow, who is already on the threshold of a global career and is completing his master’s degree at the Basel University of Music. With this debut album, he brings a fresh and unbiased view of the central repertoire of his instrument. In collaboration with conductor Christian Erny from Switzerland and the Kurpfälzisches Kammerorchester Mannheim, Balas presents the two Haydn concertos in a new light. He approaches the interpretation with courage and self-confidence, while at the same time maintaining respect for Haydn’s masterpieces.

Balas‘ own and very individual cadenzas, which he brings to the concerts, are particularly noteworthy. These cadenzas provide insight into Balas‘ personal perspective on Haydn’s music and leave room for future interpretations. „I have great respect for the well-known cadenzas, such as those for the C major concerto that Benjamin Britten wrote for Rostropovich, or those by Haydn himself,“ says the cellist. „But they were each developed for a specific performer, and since I had no intention of copying anyone else, I came up with my own cadenzas.“ For the first time in his career to date.

The recording of these concerts not only offers an outstanding artistic achievement, but also an intensive exchange between soloist, conductor and orchestra. Balas and his team pay particular attention to details that are often lost in the focus of solo cellists. With this release, Michał Balas sets a new milestone in his musical journey and shows that the fascination for the works of Joseph Haydn is still alive today.